Friday, September 7, 2012

Random Post

Since life is just a little busy, and I am feeling scattered, I thought I would post a smatter of life at Donovan Doins.
Welcome, above, to ladybug land.  As of this morning the larva are in pupa stage and should be hatching within a few days. J calls them his "friends".
"Mom, my friends are eating."
"Mom, my friends are attaching to the dome!"

I have been taking a photography class and learning much.
The class is for six weeks, once a week, and is very hands on - my kind of learning.
I think my favorite part is the critiquing, as it really helps me think through my actions as I am taking a photograph. 
The balloon festival is in a couple of weeks, and we have had practice balloons show up in our neighborhood.  I love this harbinger of fall!
We have also been hauling and cutting wood - one of my all time favorite hard work activities.
And Malyssa and Little H came for a visit.
The boys made crowns with glow in the dark sand and were just sure they were Super Hero Kings. 
Princess Bean came by to whoop on J - boy does he need it sometimes.
She bossed him around all day until this conversation came along:
PB: J pick up the Kitty!
PB: Pick up the Kitty right now!
PB: Go to your bedroom right now!
J:  Mom, do I have to do what she says? 
So the last few weeks have been busy and good, and in the midst of the busy God is refining my heart to guard against too busy, valuing time with others.
Malyssa's super mom gave me a lightbult moment about dealing with cell phones/texting. (I hear the laughing going on as most of you that know me, know that my trac phone regularly stays at home, in the truck, or typically where I am not.)
She had been talking to one of her kiddos about listening/ignoring when asked to do something.
The truth of the matter is that when we ignore others we are choosing not to care about what they said.
Light bulb!
When we choose to let phone/facebook/computer be our priority we are choosing to ignore those sitting right in our midst!

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